How to Modify/Change a Purchase Request

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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A Purchase Request (PR) serves as the initial step in the procurement process, but sometimes adjustments or changes are necessary due to evolving requirements. Whether it's revising details, adding items, or updating information, having the ability to edit a PR is crucial for effective procurement management. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to modify a Purchase Request based on its status.


Changing from the All Requests page


  • Go to the All Requests section under the Request Management tab.
  • Select the required request from the list of All Requests. Use the Filter function under each column name to speed up your search.
  • Once you've found it, click the dropdown arrow next to a Request:




  • Click Edit in the dropdown menu:




Change from the Request page


  • Locate and Open the PR: Begin by finding the PR you wish to edit and open it.

  • Access the Information Section: Scroll down to the Information section within the PR tab. This section is usually located toward the bottom of the page.



  • Edit Specific Fields: Identify the fields that require modification and click on the "Edit" button next to the corresponding line.



  • Make Changes: In the pop-up window that appears, update the information as needed. Once you've made the necessary changes, be sure to save your modifications.


Editing Line Item Details:


For changes to line item details within the PR, such as quantities, descriptions, or other specifics, follow these steps:

  • Locate and Open the PR: Access the PR that contains the line item you want to modify.

  • Edit the Line Item: Next to each line item, you'll find an "Edit" button. Click on this button for the specific line item you wish to change.



  • Make Modifications: In the pop-up window, modify the line item details as needed. After making the necessary changes, save your modifications.


Adding Additional Items


To extend the PR by including more items, follow these steps:

  • Access the PR: Open the PR you want to expand.

  • Edit the PR: Click on the dropdown arrow next to the "PDF" button, which opens a menu.



  • Select "Edit" from the Dropdown: Choose the "Edit" option from the dropdown menu.



  • Add New Items: On the redirected page, you can add items by clicking the "Add New Row" button. Enter the details for the additional items.

  • Save Changes: After adding the items, don't forget to save your modifications.



By following these steps, you can efficiently modify a Purchase Request to accommodate changes or additions as needed. This flexibility ensures that your procurement process remains responsive and adaptable to evolving requirements.


Efficient procurement is about more than just creating requests; it's about managing and adapting them as your organization's needs evolve. Your ability to make changes based on the PR's status is a crucial aspect of effective procurement management.


For further assistance or inquiries about modifying Purchase Requests, please refer to our user guides or contact our support team. Your procurement success is our priority.


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