How to create purchase request?

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You can create New Requests using your own process once you've entered the dashboard.

Before proceeding, please read the following articles:

You have defined the specific conditions for processing requests, and we can now proceed to the next step in creating one.

  • On the left side menu, select the "Request Management" tab:





NOTE. There are two ways to begin creating a New Request. The first choice is to navigate to the New Request tab. The second is by clicking the All Requests tab and the "New Request" Screenshot_at_Jun_01_15-44-42.png button.



We'll use the direct New Request tab as an example.

  • After you click it, you can fill out the fields for the future Request:



  • Complete the required fields. Please ensure that the fields marked as required contain the necessary information.



For additional information about items please check here.


  • You can select items from the list. If there are no required ones in the dropdown, simply type the required once and it will be marked as NEW:




  • The next step is to enter your description. Some businesses may type all of the requirements and some specific details about the order:




  • On the next step  "Attachments" you can drag and drop any files you would like the vendor to see:




  • Once you are ready with the information click "Save".


After the request has been created you will be redirected to the Overview page


On the Overview page, you will see various sections with information and the status of your Request.

We can see in our example that there is a process of Approval by various departments.

To proceed, the order must be approved by the responsible manager from each department.


NOTE: Only managers with special access can approve the order.



  • New Request notifications are sent to Approvers via email. They can accept it by clicking the button in the email, which will take them straight to the order details:





The email also includes a PDF file containing detailed information about the Purchase request.

Once one of the approval managers has opened the tab with the Order overview, he can approve or reject the order.




  • During the rejection of Approval, each manager can leave his or her comments. This method simplifies departmental communication.





NOTE: There is a Notes section right next to the Order Overview. You can leave any notes here that you want other approvers to see:







  • When all managers have approved the necessary Request you can create a Purchase order or an RFQ.
  • As shown in the screenshot below, click the dropdown arrow:




  • Click on Create Purchase Order
  • You are taken to the "New PO" page. The order already contains all of the necessary information. Please see the article "How to Create PO?" for more information.

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