How to approve or reject Purchase request?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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Before you begin reading this article, you may want to obtain the following small guides:


If you already have an understanding, we can begin observing the Approval or Rejection process during requests.

  • When you create a request using the template and include approvers, they will be notified via email about the New Request.
  • An approver can go straight to the Request by clicking the button in the email or by going to the Request Management: All Requests tab.




  • You can filter the list of All Requests by various parameters 
  • Select the Request that requires approval by clicking on it
  • You can find all of the information about this Request on the Overview page.
  • Click on the Approval Process next to Overview:



  • Now you are able to see all the processes with approvers.
  • Click on Actions:



  • There are three options: Approve, Send Back and Cancel the Request:



  • Select one of the options. In the resulting window, enter a comment and click Send.


Request rejection


Let us suppose you want to send it back. Select "SEND BACK".

Enter your comment in the pop-up window and click "Save". The request will be returned to the requester along with the comment.




Request Rejection will be communicated to the Requester via email. He can change the quantity or add/delete some items from the bottom and repeat the process.


Request Approval


If you want to approve the request, click APPROVE. Fill in the blanks with your comment and click the "Finish" button:




Following your Approval, the request will be passed on to the next approver, or if you are the last one, it will be ready for the creation of a PO or RFQ.


Cancel of Request


If you want to cancel the request, click "Cancel Request", type your comment, and then click "Yes". The request has been canceled.



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