How to check Stock Level of Product?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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Inventory management is the optimization of an enterprise's inventories of goods, work in progress, raw materials, and other activities in order to reduce storage costs while maintaining the enterprise's level of service and uninterrupted operation.
Effective inventory management enables a company to meet or exceed customer expectations by stockpiling each item to maximize the bottom line.

To achieve the most effective inventory management process, the company must control the stock level of Products located in a warehouse or warehouses.


To check the Stock Level, follow these steps:


  • Open Critical stock Level tab under Warehouse:






  • On the opened page, there are four tabs with Products grouped by Stock level quantity based on configuration:



  • Switch between tabs to see which Products are at the Normal level and which must be ordered separately:


To set up Stock Level for the certain Product check the following article:

- How to set up Stock Level?

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