How to receive in Warehouse?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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Consider the following scenario: you have received your shipment and confirmed it on the Purchase order page, but you are still unable to see any receiving at the Warehouse.

This situation requires an additional step to get it in.

  • Go to the Warehouse section and click the "Upcoming Waybills" section:






  • Find the required one on the Upcoming Waybills page.


NOTE. The order code will have the same name as PO Code.


  • Once you've located the required Waybill, click the "Receive in" button next to it:






  • Select the "Receive in" button. You can change or confirm the information in the opened window. Click the "Receive in" button once more, then "Yes":



NOTE: You can change the number of received items and the Warehouse as an end point of items in the pop-up window.


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