How to check availability of products?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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There are two ways to check the availability of Products and their Stock level.




  • Go to All Warehouses under the Warehouse tab:






  • In the list choose the specific Warehouse where you would like to check products. Click on it.


  • In the Warehouse Overview page go to the Products section:





  • Select the required Product from the list. If there are a lot of them, use the Filter function under the name of each column:



If you have previously configured the Stock level for a specific product, the system will notify you when the level of that product becomes critical. The product will be labeled Critical:






  • If you click on the Stock level tab in the Products section, you will be able to see all products with previously set tags. It will notify you about various levels of various items:



Search Products


  • Open the Search Products tab under Warehouse:






  • On the Search products page you can check the specific product by using a scanner or by typing the name manually:






  • Enter the item's name in the Product Name field and press Enter:



  • The list of Products will be displayed with information about the quantity and their location (Warehouse).



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