What is a negative balance in a budget?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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When the ending balance in an accounting record is the inverse of the expected normal balance, this is referred to as a negative balance. The classification of an account within the chart of accounts determines this expectation.


You can create a Budget that is allowed to be passive in the Teamprocure platform.

It can be configured in two ways:

Allow Negative: Your budget may remain negative, but once it is removed, you will be unable to make purchases.

To Disallow Negative: Once this function has been assigned to a budget, you will be unable to make any purchases within it.


This function can be enabled or disabled by checking a box while creating a new Budget or updating an existing one:





If you've assigned the Allowed Negative function to a Budget, you can see how much money your company has spent on it. To see that, go to the Budgets section of the Procurement tab:




The page will display a list of all existing Budgets.

If the "Allowed Negative" function is enabled in a budget and the expenses exceed it, you will see "-" in the Remaining column:





Now you can plan further actions.


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