How to create new budget?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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Each company may wish to adhere to the Budget. Although one general Budget can be used for all purposes, some projects or departments require separate budgets.

After dividing them, it is simple to keep track of all your finances. For each request order or RFQ, you can use a different one.

This article will go over how to create budgets.

  • To add a new one, go to the Procurement tab and then to the Budgets tab:




  • You can see all of your budgets on the following page. Click on the "Add Budget" Screenshot_at_Jun_03_16-11-35.pngbutton to add a new one.
  • Enter the new Budget information in the pop-up. The budget Name, Amount, and Currency must all be filled out.




  • To configure, select the following options from the checkboxes:




Allow Negative Checkbox: When you check it and enable this function, your budget may remain negative, but you will be unable to make any purchases.

Global Access checkbox: When you enable the Global Access mode, any user on your team will be able to see the budget. If the budget mode is off it is only visible to users with specific rights and access.


  • Once the information about the new Budget is complete, click "Save." The budget will be displayed in the dashboard's list.

All budget information is available on the list of budgets: total amount, used amount, and remaining amount:






If you have too many budgets and it's bothersome to search for them all at once, you can simply type the budget's name and press enter, or you can filter the budgets by other parameters:





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