How to update information about Vendor?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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If there are any changes on the Vendor's end, you can edit his profile.

These changes necessitate only a few steps to update the Vendor's information.

  • Go to the Vendors tab and click  "All Vendors":




  • Choose the necessary one from the list. Use the Filter function to speed up the process:






Search is available by Name, Service Area, Location, Rating, and Status.

Use these parameters to locate a certain Vendor from the plenty amount of them.


  • Click the "pencil" button next to the Vendor's card:




  • On the following page, enter new Vendor information or replace any that is missing, then click "Next Step":




  • Select Service Areas and then add Cards in the following steps. When you're finished, click "Update."


After completing the preceding steps, you will be able to update the Vendor's card.


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