How to add new Vendor?

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A Vendor, also known as a Supplier, is a party in the supply chain that provides goods and services to businesses or consumers.

Vendors should be added to the platform from the start to make your work more efficient.


New Vendor Tab


Follow the steps below:


  • Go to the Vendors tab and click  "New Vendor":




  • Once you are on the page fill in the fields with the required information:




Name is a mandatory field.

All the rest fields are optional.


NOTE: Before selecting a city, please select a state or province.


There are several statuses that you can assign to the Vendor:

  • Allowed to work with
  • Do Not Work Unless Necessary
  • Forbidden To Work With (Blacklisted)




When you view All Vendors, the following statuses will be displayed as tags.





  • Once you are done with the General information click on  Screenshot_at_Jun_08_12-38-03.png button.
  • Set Service areas for Vendors:




  • Click on Screenshot_at_Jun_08_12-38-03.png button.
  • By the next step you are able to add different Cards to Vendor:



There are several types of Cards that you can add:

Budget card 

Company size - entered with the information about Vendor's company size, employees amount;

Service areas - you can add some specific areas for the Vendor that are not listed in the previous step;

Completed projects - add projects that have been completed by this Vendor.


Please note that you can add all of the following cards or leave them blank. 



  • Click Screenshot_at_Jun_08_12-45-52.png button
  • In the pop-up click Yes
  • The vendor has been listed.


All Vendors Tab


Another way to add Vendor is by adding it through the All Vendors tab.


  • Go to Vendors and click on All Vendors:





  • On the following page, you are able to see the list of All Vendors, to filter them by the required parameters. For adding a new one click on the "Add Vendor" button:




  • You will be redirected to the page for adding New Vendor. Fill in the fields as we have mentioned in the instruction before and submit it.

If you have a large number of Vendors already on the list, you may not notice the new one.


To locate the Vendor, use the Filter on the left side:



You can search for it by Name or select the Service areas from the checkboxes. All Vendors who meet the criteria will be displayed on the screen.


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