How to assign approval template to a project/department?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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You might have several projects that have different approval workflows. In this case, you can assign a particular approval template that will be triggered once the Purchase Request or Purchase order has been created under the project.

And there is also the situation that approval workflow directly depends on the department that creates Purchase Request or Purchase Order.

Step by step, we will look into how to assign a specific template to the required project, department, or even both.


Assign Approval Template to a Project


  •  If you have already created an approval template, you can go ahead with further steps. If it still requires to be created check our articles on how to do that:

- How to create templates for approvals?


  • Go to the Projects section and then click All Projects to open all of them:




  • In the list of All Projects choose a specific one and click the View button to open it:




  • On the Project Overview page, you can see all the project details, processed Purchase Orders, and many more. 
  • Next to Project Details you can see to set up the Purchase Request Approval Template and Purchase Order Approval Template:




  • Click the Edit button next to one of the fields
  • In pop up choose the required approval template from a dropdown list:




  • Click Save.


Assign Approval Template to a Department


  • Go to the Departments tab and click All Departments:




  • Choose the necessary department and click the View button to open it:




  • On the Department Overview page, you can see all the details concerning the following department. To check all the orders that have been processed within it, review the total amount and etc.
  • To add a required approval template click the edit button next to either the Purchase Request Template or Purchase Order Template:




  • In pop up choose a specific workflow from a dropdown list and click Save:



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