What are approval templates forms?

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Each company has its own Purchasing order system.

Companies with a simple structure may have multiple steps for which one person is responsible. For example, if the company has ten employees in total, it is more likely that only one or two of them are in charge of finance.

But what if the company has a more complicated structure with many departments and managers who are accountable for specific actions?

Both of these methods are simple to set up on the Teamprocure platform and will not cause confusion during internal company Requests or Purchase orders.


Approval Templates allow you to create a specific process with actions based on each step.

The creation of approval templates is simple and quick. There is no need for code or specially trained personnel. With the template builder, any employee can create it in a matter of seconds.


You can have as many template forms as you want for various purposes such as Purchase Request, Warehouse Transfer, and RFQ. They are all built in the same way.


The following article contains detailed instructions on how to create approval templates:

How to create templates for approvals?


Approval templates contain various steps that require department or manager approval.

If you created a Purchase order and set up an Approval template, each step will notify the responsible person via email that actions on his part are required. This procedure allows you to clarify the departmental workflow.


The approval Template may contain different blocks. It includes such general modules as:


Screenshot_at_Jun_07_17-58-03.png - each workflow should contain a start block. 



step.png   - the step is in charge of the approval process. It can be renamed to reflect the specific process in your organization. This step includes establishing the responsible person. If John Donalds is in charge of the finance check, simply add him to the step so that the process will not proceed until he gives his approval.


mceclip0.png - the following block allows you to set different conditions based on the amount of Purchase Request of RFQ. By using it you are able to set different ways of the approval process with different departments or users included in it.


decision.png - the decision block can assist you in creating more difficult logic-based processes. Depending on the configuration scheme, it may include a few approvers or move the request forward.


email.png   - email block let you set up notifications on a certain step.



end.png - the final block of each template.




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