How to create templates for approvals?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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Each company has a unique purchasing process.

You can always use our platform to create the ideal process for your company's Purchase requests.

The template builder is responsive and user-friendly, allowing you to quickly configure the space.


Follow the steps below to get started with the simplest way of communicating between departments and to avoid red tape in your company.


  • To access the Approvals builder, select the Approvals tab from the left-hand menu:




  • Then pick the All Templates tab. You can now see the page that will contain all of the templates you will use. Click the "Add Template" button:




  • The builder page is a drag-and-drop format that takes only a few minutes to complete.
  • By clicking on the Type field in the pop-up window, you can select the type of template you want to use. They are as follows: Purchase Order, Warehouse Transfer, and Request for Quotation:




  • Enter the name and press "Save".

You are now on the builder page. You can create a minimal budget that does not require approvals. If a purchase request exceeds the minimum budget amount, the approvals process will be used.

  • Place all steps that you want to include using the drag-and-drop method:




  • When you create the general process scheme, you can now add responsible departments and people.
  • Alter the names of the steps to reflect your company's procedures:




  • You can now add departments and people to each step. The sections that you have added can be found on the right side. You can change them by clicking the pencil:





  • In the popup window click on the Request Maker field. You can add either the department or just the manager that will be responsible for the step:





  • If you check the box next to the second field, you will be able to set the time for various conditions. For example, if the approver does not act, the system will automatically approve the request after the specified time and move it to the next step.





Let's go over the following field. When you click on it, you will see two options: and or logic.

OR Logic: If you specify that there must be two approvers on any level, the system will proceed with the request after receiving at least one approval on that level.





AND LOGIC: If you set this parameter, the system will not move the request to the next level until it receives both approvals.


  • You can add several users to each step. Screenshot_at_Jun_02_14-11-25.png a button allows you to add a key user for the approval process. Screenshot_at_Jun_02_14-12-28.png the button allows you to add users that will not be able to act on the approval process but will be notified.
  • If necessary, configure the Threshold and Default User. You can use this template by default by checking the box or leaving it unchecked.






  • Once you are done filling in all the information click "Save Template" Screenshot_at_Jun_02_14-15-16.png

The Template was successfully created. You can see which template is currently being used for the processes in the All templates list. It will be marked with a star:






The template has been created successfully!

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