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Let's make your first PO after you've set up your account and are ready to take your first step toward automation.

PO - Purchase order.

There are two options for creating it: general dashboard or New PO under the procurement tab.


Dashboard Procurement

Before you begin, navigate to the Procurement dashboard by selecting Dashboard from the left-hand menu.

You'll be taken to the general procurement dashboard. You can view all of your PO data here, including general PO amounts, closed deals, and open deals. The list down shows all of the PO's that have been completed. You can also sort them by code, name, and status.

  • On the dashboard's top, click the "New PO" button:





Once you've opened the page with fields for a New Purchase Request, you can open additional fields for fulfillment if the process calls for it. You can see more options by clicking on "Show Advanced Options".



  • Enter all of your future PO details on the following page. Enter a name, select a currency, and a vendor. The remaining fields are all optional.




  • Select a product, quantity, and unit price. You can leave a specific comment in the field Description.




  • Write a description of your PO if needed. This feature is entirely optional.




  • Upload any files that must precede the PO. This field is not required.
  • Click the "Save" button.

You will be redirected to the PO information page once you have saved your PO.


Please keep in mind that once you create a PO, it is automatically assigned the Draft status.


The following page contains the PO Overview, Payment Status, the list of Items, Waybills, Invoices, Information and Description tab, Attachments, and Notes.


  • PO Overview - displays order status and the details you've configured for the required PO. When the statuses change, you'll be able to see it right here.
  • Payment Status - displays the total amount of payment, payment terms, and amounts paid and yet to be paid.
  • Items - the list contains the items that have been selected for delivery.
  • Waybills are sections that contain information about the carrier.
  • Invoices - displays invoices that have been issued.
  • In the Information and Description section, you can find general information about your PO as well as the description that has been left.
  • Attachments display a list of files that were attached to the PO while it was being created.

Please be aware that the fields can be changed while the PO is in draft mode.
Check out this page to learn how to edit the information.






  • When you're ready, click the "Release" button in the top right corner next to the total amount info.




  • Select the required terms and conditions in the pop-up window. You can see how to add the following here. You can modify the checkbox status to inform the vendor.


  • Click the "Release PO" button.

NOTE: There is a checkbox that allows you to choose whether or not to notify the vendor. If it is enabled, the vendor will not receive email notifications. To send an email to the vendor about an upcoming order, uncheck the checkbox. Another checkbox is giving you the ability to approve PO instead of Vendor:





  • Once you've released the PO, the vendor will be notified via email about the new purchase order, and he can approve it by clicking the button in the email:





For more information on the actions from the Vendor side, you can check here.


You will receive an email with the details once the Vendor has confirmed or rejected the PO. You can also simply refresh the PO page.


NOTE. If you communicate with vendors through different channels you can approve the PO instead of Vendor by clicking the "Approve Instead of Vendor" Screenshot_at_Jun_07_13-30-32.png button.


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