How to set up personal account?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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After logging in to the platform, you can create your company's account, personalize it, and add all of the necessary information.


Getting into settings


There are several steps to getting started:

  • Find the icon with your name in the upper right corner Screenshot_at_May_26_12-42-33.pngand click it.


  • Choose Settings   



You can see all account settings menu on the left hand.


  • On the left-side menu, select the General tab. You can now access your personal account settings:



  • In the Profile type your Name, Email, and Phone number


NOTE: After completing the onboarding process, all of this information becomes available by default.
You can change your name, add an avatar, and change your phone number.


  • After filling in the blanks, click the "Update" Screenshot_at_May_26_15-22-50.png button. 


Settings tab


You can configure your personal account data in this tab, such as Language, Currency, Time Zone, Data Format, Time Format, and Money Format.

Simply select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu by clicking on the field.

When you are done with it click the "Update" Screenshot_at_May_26_15-22-50.png button.


Changing the password


  • Click the Security tab on the left side menu to change your password.


  • Enter your current password as well as your new password in the required fields.
  • Click the "Change password" Screenshot_at_May_26_15-30-29.png button.


You have now completed the process of creating a personal account.


Check out the following sections to further customize your settings:


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