How to set up company's account?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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After logging in to the platform, you can create your company's account, personalize it, and add all of the necessary information.


Getting into settings


In the right top corner find the icon with your name Screenshot_at_May_26_12-42-33.png and click on it.


  • Choose Settings   




You can see your Personal account settings. The different articles get acknowledged how to set up your personal information.

  • In the left sidebar choose Account





  • Click "Settings"


  • In the following tab upload your Company's logo, and fill in with Name, Phone number, and Address.
  • Once you are done click "Save"




Please note that the company's address field is optional. You can leave it blank.


The defaults tab is responsible for setting up the default information such as language, currency, date formats, and money format.

Once you click on the field with the required setting you are able to choose the option from the dropdown menu.

Once you are ready to go further click "Save".






The currencies tab includes all the currencies that you would like to use in your procurement process.

You can add them just by clicking the “Add currency”  Screenshot_at_May_26_13-09-09.png button on the top right side.

Choose the currency that you would like to add and press “Save”.





NOTE: If you wold like to remove any of them just click “Remove”. 


The units tab gives you an opportunity to add different units to the platform. To add one just click “Add unit”.






You can choose one of the already available units in the dropdown or add a custom one. After choosing one of the ways just click “SaveScreenshot_at_May_26_13-34-44.png. and the new unit will appear in the list on the dashboard.


In the Carriers tab, you should add all carriers that will deliver your products. There are an unlimited amount of them. To do that just click on “Add carrierScreenshot_at_May_26_13-45-57.png.

Click on "Add Custom Carrier".

Fill in the required fields.






After adding the info just click “Save”.


The terms and Conditions tab is responsible for adding all your terms and conditions for further Requests. You can add several of them just in case you have different conditions for each vendor. Just click on the “Add Terms and Conditions”  Screenshot_at_May_26_13-50-55.png, enter the name and insert the necessary information in the description field. Click “Save”.







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