Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up Your Procurement Process with Team Procure

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Karina Demidenko
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Embarking on a successful procurement process requires meticulous planning and proper data setup. Team Procure offers an all-encompassing platform for managing your procurement operations, and to get started on the right foot, it's crucial to configure a range of key settings. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through each essential step to efficiently set up your procurement process with Team Procure.


Initiating your procurement journey begins with establishing your company's identity. To do this:

  • Click on the account icon, situated in the top right corner of the dashboard, to gain access to the settings:
  • Once on the settings page, navigate to the "Account" button on the left-side menu.
  • On this page, you can tweak your company's name, upload your distinctive logo, and provide your address. After making any necessary changes, remember to click "Save" to ensure your settings are updated accurately.


Add Additional Currencies


International procurement often involves multiple currencies. To accommodate this, Team Procure allows you to:

  • Find the "Currencies" tab under the "Account" section in the left-side menu.



  • To add new currencies, simply click on the "Add Currency" button:



  • In the ensuing pop-up, you can select from a list of suggested system currencies or introduce custom ones.
  • Furthermore, you can designate one of these currencies as the default for your account by clicking "Make Primary" next to your chosen currency.


Customize Units


Procurement often deals with diverse measurement units. While Team Procure provides standard units, you can add custom ones to suit your unique needs:

  • Head to the "Units" tab under the "Account" section.


  • Click "Add Unit" to either select from system units or craft a custom unit by providing the necessary details in the pop-up: (10).gif



Manage Carriers


Efficient logistics require managing carriers. Team Procure comes with default carriers, but you can add new ones to tailor your procurement experience:

  • Go to the "Carriers" tab under the "Account" section:


  • Click "Add Carrier" and fill in the essential carrier details. (11).gif


  • To make a specific carrier the primary choice for waybills, simply click "Make Primary" next to the carrier.


 Invite Users and Create Teams


Collaborative procurement often involves a diverse team of professionals. Team Procure enables you to:

  • Find the "Users and Team" tab in the left-side menu.


  • Invite users to your account by clicking "Add User": (12).gif


  • Create teams and assign specific users to them using the "Team" tab.

  • You can also fine-tune permissions and roles under the "Permissions" tab to customize roles according to your organization's unique requirements: (13).gif



Configure Features Module


Tailoring your dashboard view and enabling or disabling specific features is integral to ensuring an efficient procurement process:

  • The Features module allows you to toggle features on or off according to your preferences. After adjustments, remember to click "Save":



 Procurement Settings


Under the "Procurement" section, an array of crucial settings can be configured to streamline your procurement process:

  • Payment Terms: You can add new payment terms or select from default options.

  • Payment Methods: Configure payment methods to align with your organization's preferences.

  • Delivery Addresses: Easily add new delivery addresses as required.

  • Terms and Conditions: Define specific terms and conditions for your procurement process.

  • Customize Purchase Order Number: Adjust how purchase order numbers are displayed and generated, and decide whether to include them in PDFs.


Purchase Request Settings


Tailoring your purchase requests to match your organizational needs is vital. To do this, visit the "Request Management" tab and select "Request Management Settings" to set your preferred request number format.



Vendor Settings


For a comprehensive understanding of vendor settings, explore the additional articles available for more detailed information.


Add Projects and Budgets

Creating projects and budgets is a fundamental step in managing procurement. Learn how to do this by following the dedicated articles that provide step-by-step instructions:

1. All the information about Budgets can be found here.

2. How to add a project can be found here.


Streamlining approval processes within your procurement workflow is essential for efficient operations. Discover how to create and manage approval processes by referring to our dedicated articles.

With each of these comprehensive steps, you'll be well-equipped to embark on your procurement journey with Team Procure. These settings are thoughtfully designed to simplify and enhance your operations, ensuring that your procurement process is not only efficient but also adaptable to your organization's unique needs. Whether you're new to procurement or an experienced professional, Team Procure provides the tools to help you succeed.

If you require further guidance or have specific questions about any aspect of our platform, please don't hesitate to refer to our extensive user guides or reach out to our dedicated support team. Your success in procurement is our highest priority.

Your journey towards effective procurement management begins here, with Team Procure by your side.

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