How Vendor can leave notes?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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Notes are a simple way to communicate without wasting time on phone calls and emails. Everything in one place: purchase requests, information, and communication channel.

It only takes a few clicks to leave the notes. Simply follow the steps below to make the best use of platform features.


  • If you are a Supplier and received an email about an upcoming order, click the button Screenshot_at_Jun_13_14-43-06.png in the email, and enter unique code that is included in it:



Screenshot_at_Jun_13_14-44-32.png Screenshot_at_Jun_13_14-45-07.png




  • You will be redirected to the Order Overview page after entering the code, where you can Confirm or Reject the order and leave notes.


  • There are two options in the upper left corner:







  • If you are unable to provide the products and must reject PO, click the "Reject PO" button and leave your comment in the pop-up window:






In this case, the buyer will be able to change the order's details, and quantity, or cancel it entirely.



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