How to confirm/reject Purchase Order?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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There are several actions that the Vendor can take.

This article will go over how to Confirm or Reject an order on the Vendor's end.


The Vendor will be notified via email once the order has been released:





If you don't see the button that will take you to the order, click on the three dots in the bottom left corner of the email and it will appear.

Click "Confirm/Reject Po":




You will then be directed to the home page. Fill in the following six numbers from the email:





  • You now have access to the Order details. You can review the Items, Order Total, and Terms and Conditions.


  • Further actions are available via the buttons in the top left corner:





  • If the order details look correct to the Vendor and he intends to confirm the order, he simply needs to click the Confirm PO button.


  • If there are any issues with the order, the Vendor can reject it by clicking the "Reject PO" button.

If the Vendor rejects the order, there is an option to leave a comment attempting to explain the underlying reasons. We will reject it in our case due to the number of items. For example, we can provide only 50 pieces:






  • Click Yes.

The purchaser will receive an email with the order status.

After the Vendor has rejected the order, the purchaser can edit or cancel it.

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