How to add a bill?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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You can add your bill to the order using the system.

In other words, a bill is an invoice.

It is a simple process that can be completed by both the vendor and the requester.


There are several methods for adding a bill to a PO.


In the Payment Status section, click the "Add Bill" button under the Total Order Amount.


The following are the steps to take:


  • You can simply attach the bill once the Request Order has been created and approved by the Vendor.
NOTE. The invoice can be attached just after Vendor's approval.


  • Click the "Procurement" tab



  • Then click the "All POs" tab:




  • Choose the required PO from the list of All POs. It must be marked as "Approved by Vendor":



  • Select PO Code. You must be taken to the PO Overview page.
  • The "Add invoice" button is located on the right side. Click here:



  • You can insert the invoice information and attach it in the pop-up window:



  • Click the "Save" button. Your bill has been generated and added to your purchase order.


By clicking the "Add Bill" button in the Invoices section.


Once on the PO Overview page, scroll down to find the Invoices section under the Items list.

  • Click the "Add Bill" button:



  • Fill in the invoice information in the pop-up, attach it if necessary, and click "Save." The invoice will be generated and attached to the applicable PO.


Please take note! You can attach multiple bills to the PO. To change the quantity of a PO, simply enter a specific amount in the quantity field.


Now you know how to add bills to orders. 


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