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Business reporting is the assessment of a set of circumstances affecting the operations of a specific company. Every business, regardless of size or industry, requires insightful business reporting to function properly.

Typically, reporting tools are used to accomplish this. They assist you in tracking your company's performance, analyzing its overall health, and making critical strategic decisions.

Reports can be generated for a specific time period using the Team Procure platform.

Reports contain information such as:


PO Amount - displays the total amount spent during the specified time period.

PO Count - the total number of Purchase Orders processed during this time period.

Opened PO Count - displays all uncompleted Purchase Orders.

Closed PO Count shows completed PO's.

Chart with last PO's processed within 12 months separated - shows PO's processed within a year separated by months.

Projects Distribution chart - displays the ratio of Purchase orders per project.

Payment Term Distribution - shows the ratio of purchasing orders by Payment Terms.

Payment Method Distribution - shows the ratio of purchase orders by Payment method.

Currency Distribution - shows the ratio of purchase orders by Currency. 

Vendor Distribution - shows the ratio of purchase orders by Vendor.

Monthly PO Amount - displays the number of all Purchase orders that have been created within a month.

Monthly User Amount History - displays the purchase orders per user. 

Monthly  PO Amount Analysis


Using the Reports feature, you can generate various reports in Excel or PDF format.


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