How to set Vendor's status?

Karina Demidenko
Karina Demidenko
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Purchasing management is a critical process that helps ensure safe, quality products and continually improve customer satisfaction. But managing it sometimes becomes difficult due to the many variables. At the same time, any shortcomings in the supply chain can adversely affect the final product.

But regardless of the approach chosen, the overall goal of the supplier evaluation process should be to reduce the risks of purchasing low-quality goods and services that do not meet the goals of the organization.

The Team Procure system includes several features for evaluating Suppliers and avoiding risks during the working process: Vendor's Rate and Vendor's Status.

In this article, we will overview Vendor's Status.


It makes no difference whether you want to add a new Vendor and assign it a specific status or use an existing one.


If you would like to add New Vendor check this article.


If you want to change the Status of an existing Vendor, follow these steps:


  • Open the All Vendors tab under Vendors:





  • Choose one from the list of Vendors. Use the filter function for a quick and easy search:






  • Once you have found the required one click on the "Pencil" button:






  • On the page find the State field:






  • Click on the field and choose the Status from the list.

There are three of them:


- Allowed To Work With

- Do Not Work With Unless Necessary

- Forbidden to Work With (Blacklisted)


  • Once you have chosen the Status click the "Next Step" button. If no other changes are required click "Next Step" till the last step. On the last one click the "Update" button. 

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